Everyday Physiotherapy was established in 2015. Our team of experienced and highly qualified individuals provide musculoskeletal management of various issues through exercise prescription, hand-on therapy and one-on-one consultations.  

Physiotherapy services include:

  • Hands-on treatment: majority of the session will be a manual, hands-on approach with massage therapy, spinal mobilisation, and thoracic and lumbar manipulation to improve blood circulation, reduce muscular tension and improve spinal flexibility.
  • Real Time Ultrasound Feedback: using the ultrasound machine, we can use RTUS (real time ultrasound) to see how your muscles are contracting while performing exercises.
  • Dry Needling: dry needling is an effective treatment to help relieve muscular pain and tightness through acupuncture needles. This technique releases tension on the muscular fascia and increases the blood supply.

Our female therapists have special interest in women’s health and provide an ultrasound assessment to visualize pelvic floor contraction.

We do receive all type of referrals and offer gap free sessions with EPC, Work-cover and Injury claims.

We also offer remedial massage services.

Everyday Physiotherapy

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E: info@everydayphysio.com.au